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YogaTrippie helps bring together the yoga community of Dubai and UAE to create memorable and unique yoga based travel experiences. Yoga and travel go hand in hand.
At YogaTrippie, it is believed that travelling with Yoga can bring you closer to nature and perhaps even re-establish the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.

Yoga, a holistic approach to happy living.

A way that fills the void that exists between the mind and the body. Such is this representation. Subtle use of negative space seamlessly binds the Yoga (Y) & the Trippie (T) together to bring out the brand identity.

A vibrant variant

Asanas, the small part of the (Yogic) journey (Trip)!

Creative composition uses negative space here to depict an ‘A’ in the poised Asana while focusing on the interesting mix of Yoga and Fun for those who love to travel.

Freedom to choose. Freedom to be one with yourself is the operative theme in this Brand name depiction. The sleek pictorial depiction cleverly engulfs a “Y” , a “T” and a yogic Asana into one entity

Designing and Branding Services
Every brand deserves a unique solution.
And we provide exactly that.
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